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Memo From Jill (Including Schedule):  

Dear precious and valued students who are more importantly our friends and "family", 

All current students have been notified, but for those of you checking into returning to classes, I am sorry to report that I closed my 36-year-old business.  My priorities in life have been shifting these past 3 years -- Life IS all about change!  My position has always been that there are three equal components to health and well-being: Body, Mind, & Spirit.  It is the Spirit aspect of life that I am now focused.  I would love to discuss it with you.

Although I no longer have a desire to run a business, my passion for teaching Zumba and other dance-based classes is still very alive!  Just as important, I LOVE OUR DANCE FITNESS FAMILY!!!  We have a beautiful community and none of us want to lose our weekly connections with one another.  In our last classes, Monica, Jeri, and I showed up to celebrate our sisterhood and to close out a memorable era of all of our lives together with you.  Fun celebrations!  Reunions to come if we have your text numbers! (Jill: 217.698.8505)  We would like you to walk with us in our next journey whether it is in Body, Mind, or Spirit.  Let's keep the LOVE, good-will, and memories going!

 I have joined the FitClub instructor team and so has Jeri.  Monica is currently instructing at a friendly competitor's studio and she would love for her returning students to call her for more information. THE THREE OF US HAVE NOTIFIED OUR CURRENT STUDENTS OF OUR NEW INFORMATION.  Both Jeri and I start at FitClub Feb.14. Jeri's initial Zumba schedule will be at South location: TUES 5:30 & THURS 6:00.  Jill will be continuing her long-standing Zumba classes at Chatham Presbyterian Church under the business of FitClub on TUES 9:00 am & FRI  9:00 am.  Although many current students have been sad for our changes, those who have joined FitClub are truly enjoying the exposure to new instuctors, new types of classes, etc.  There are so many options!!!!   From the get-go, I have been excited about all of this for us and for you because of all the versatility and flexibility that is now at your disposal.  (You still get your favorite 3 instructors, but you also get so much more now!  This is a good thing for us all!!!)


Jill & Jeri are now with FitClub

A Success Consultation to create a plan for reaching your fitness goals
An orientation session with a trainer
Complimentary meeting with a trainer every 30 days to keep you on track
Over 200 free group exercise classes each week
Access to all three FitClub locations
Aquatic centers at West and South locations
Customized online nutrition support
Free child care
Indoor running tracks
24-hour access at the West location
Complimentary In-Body bioimpedance (accurate body fat analysis) $99 value
Unlimited TG (Total Gym), Yoga, Les Mills BodyPump, Fitness
Kickboxing, Aqualogix, Bootcamp, Free Family Swim


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