January 19, 2020

What To Expect

My job…
is not to lead but to facilitate and draw out the answers that are already there - hidden within you - unlocking your potential, accelerating your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. I am committed to you and your best interests.   I will give you my undivided attention, contribute observations, ask powerful questions that may not always be easy to answer, and reflect back to you what I hear – striving in all of this to get to the heart of the issue quickly.  I am trained to really hear not only what is in your head, but also your heart.  While your issues may be quite serious in nature, there will be lightness and laughter at times.  I will encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zones and explore new things by making requests of you which you can accept, reject or modify.  I will not tell you what to do.  I will support you in deciding your best course of action, and then, hold you accountable to do it.  As your coach, I am a resource and a presence.  I am here for you.

Your job…
Is to recognize that the results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions and that you must be ready, willing, and able to make changes.  It is your responsibility to be true, committed, and motivated into action.  You will choose the focus of the conversations.   The more clear you are, the quicker I can get a true picture of things.   Your real growth will come from the work you do in the time between our calls when you are doing discovery work and/or reflecting over our session, spurring new thoughts and perspectives.  It is imperative that you apply yourself fully if coaching is to be successful.

Jill Kennedy-Broughton
Ph: 217-698-8505


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