January 19, 2020

General Information

Life Coaching has received positive attention from NBC Nightly News, Donahue, CBS This Morning, as well as Newsweek and USA Today, just to mention a few...  From the rich and famous to the common people, life coaching enhances lives.  When people realize that coaching is more focused on where one is going than where one has been they get excited that their life can expand into new arenas and thereby create possibilities previously seen as unreachable or just unrealized. 

What is a Life Coach?
A life coach is the ‘new kid on the block’ in the helping professions.  It is an emerging field that provides a short-term or ongoing partnership between a coach and client.  It’s a unique way to find more balance and fulfillment in life.  Coaching is all about change. 

As we walk through life, we all face many challenges.  Problems, aspirations, opportunities, and changes abound.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  But there is a way to skillfully navigate through it.  A life coach is an ally there to support, guide, and encourage...  making the journey more effective, efficient and fulfilling.  Coaching takes people where they otherwise might not go!

“COACHING CONCENTRATES ON where clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be tomorrow.” - (International Coach Federation, 2001)

How does it work?
Coaching is practical and convenient!  There is no traffic, parking, or time concerns because it is accomplished through ‘tele-coaching' (over the phone) whereby soulful listening is maxinized due to no visual distractions.  Distance and other logistical factors that might otherwise impede contact are non-existent. Schedules are created that work for everyone.  Clients contract for 3 - 4 coaching calls per month, with e-mail support and brief additional calls as needed.

In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions.  This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action.  Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.”    (International Coach Federation, 2001)

Want to try it?    A 30-minute introductory coaching session is offered to those who may be interested in utilizing my coaching services.  Getting a taste of coaching will most likely convict you immediately on the power of coaching!  Call me to schedule a time and experience this practical and personalized service tailored to your life and your needs.

More info…
Life coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.  Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning and improve their performance...

“Coaching focuses on what the client’s want.  People come to coaching because they want things to be different.  They are looking for change or they have an important goal to reach.  People come to coaching for lots of individual reasons…  In general they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life:  more fulfillment, better balance, or a different process to accomplish their life desires.  Whatever the individual reason, it all starts with the client.”    ( International Coach Federation, 2001)

 “Life coaching is a powerful human relationship where trained coaches assist people to design their future rather than get over their past.  Through a typically long-term relationship, coaches aid clients in creating visions and goals for ALL aspects of their lives and creating multiple strategies to support achieving those goals.  Coaches recognize the brilliance of each client and their personal power to discover their own solutions when provided with support, accountability and unconditional positive regard.”
(Davis and Williams, 2001)

             Moving forward in your life with positive changes 
                                                               ... is just a weekly phone call away.

Jill Kennedy-Broughton
Ph: 217-698-8505


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