February 25, 2020

What To Look For

As you explore and taste the different styles and personalities
of the many coaches that are available to you,
ask yourself the following questions as you reflect
on your conversation with them:



  • How did you connect with them?  


  • Was their personality and style a fit with yours?


  • Did you feel comfortable? 


  • Was it easy to converse with them?


  • How authentic were they?  Did their interest seem genuine?


  • Did they understand what you are wanting?


  • What did they say that makes you think this?


  • For what reasons might they be the right coach for you?


  • For what reasons might they not be the right coach for you?


  • Was it all about you and what you want ?

Jill Kennedy-Broughton
Ph: 217-698-8505


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