February 25, 2020

Group Coaching

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How Group Coaching Works:

Group Coaching can be done by tele-conference calls OR in person at local establishments.  The beauty of coaching in groups is that you not only get coaching from Jill but also from your peers who may have already succeeded at what you are wanting.  Although you do not get as much individual coaching time, you learn and take value away from the coaching that goes on with others.  Another perk: the cost is considerably lower than individual coaching.

     The dynamics and synergy of Group Coaching add interest and fun!  The relationships and benefits that result can be priceless.  At times, these groups may be a hybrid of teaching and coaching by Jill, depending on the topic.  It is usually best to be in a group that has goals in similar areas.   Everyone takes part in every session.  Everyone sets goals, looks at possible obstacles, and determines what action they will take.  Accountability is the bottom line for success.  In individual coaching, clients are accountable to their Coach.  In Group Coaching you are accountable also to your Coach and your Coach Buddies.


  Specials currently offered:


How Goal Sister Groups work:
You can come to the group with someone you have already chosen as your Goal Sister OR you come to the group and learn about HOW to FIND your Goal Sister.  She may be someone you meet in the group or someone you already know.  The finest Goal Sister is not always your best friend or someone who you’ve known for years.  They may be similar or quite different from you, as long as you really connect!  The first month we meet the first 3 weeks as a group.  The second and third month we meet week one and three.  It is very important, but not mandatory, that you talk by phone, email or meet with either your Goal Sister or one or several others from the group once a week, preferably for an hour.   Connecting and being accountable is a key component of success!  Ongoing coaching is available as a group, in 2’s or 3’s or individual at the regular coaching fees.


Two ways to register:

                   (1) Talk to your friend or friends and see who has an interest. 
                   (2) Let me know of your interest and I’ll create a group with you. 
  • We’ll schedule a complimentary session so everyone can see what it is like before committing. 
  •  Group can be designed by participants: what time, day, location to meet/by phone, topics, etc.  



6 weeks of coaching :  $99 each  (group of 6 - 8)
                                $199 each  (group of 3 - 5) 


Call Jill at   217-698-8505    or  



“Relationship Coaching” 


Singles Coaching   

Let’s capture what your vision is for a lifetime partner.  Does this person fit with who YOU are and your purpose for being on this earth?  What are your requirements for a soul mate - those things that are non-negotiable or the relationship will fail?  How about your “needs” and “wants”…Where do they fit in?  How important are they?  Let’s explore: the 14 dating traps, the three types of dating relationships and the four steps for conscious dating so that rather than being the chosen, YOU can be the CHOOSER!


Marriage Coaching  

What was your vision for marriage when you and your spouse began the journey? Chances are that the vision has faded even in good marriages. Would you like to dust the vision off and recapture the promise of romance? Join us and see how your spouse can become your soul mate and your best friend. See how your marriage can become an exciting adventure.   There will be coaching around the five essential keys that can unlock the dream you both had when you began the journey.



Health & Wellness    

Coaching and a touch of teaching.:  With 25 years in the field of health & fitness, why not share some gold nuggets that will bring you closer to what you want?  Let’s look at what your goals are and how we can move you in that direction.  But wait!  This time it needs to be for good – not a temporary fix.  That’s right - lifestyle changes for keeps!  That means it has to really “fit” YOU… not MY way or anyone else’s way, but your own custom-built plan that you can work because it works for you.  Awareness of what hangs you up is half the battle.  Let's raise that awareness, brainstorm to overcome what has you stuck, "buddy-up" for accountability, and watch the results!!
                               Deepening Your Christian Walk
                      Alias known as ISFG:  Intentional Spiritual Formation Groups
Are you serious about wanting to be closer to God, wanting to be in HIS will rather than your own, longing to be a woman of prayer and a blessing to those around you?  This group is based on the principles of Scripture and your willingness to commit to go the extra mile.  Be intentional.  Make a choice to join a group that will get you moving forward.  We'll be praying for each other's success...


Form Your Own Group on the day you choose

        Ideas:        Life Purpose          Wellness          Personal Growth        Pack-Rat
                                Syndrome/Household Control         Transitions          Relationships          Single Moms       
                                                  “It’s My Turn” (for those too busy to take care of themselves)  

                                                                     ~    Common Ground in any area    ~

                                          College and High School Students (co-ed) 
                                                   "What do I want to do with my life?"
Students who get in touch with what they really care about and are naturally drawn to will be able to walk their path in life with focus and direction.  By discovering what they truly value… By discovering what they are passionate about… By finding their purpose in life…    a vision for their future can be born and goals can be set.


6 weeks of coaching :  $99 each  (group of 6 - 8)
                                $199 each  (group of 3 - 5)
Call Certified Life Coaches:
Jill Kennedy-Broughton @ 217-698-8505   www.itsallaboutchange.com 

Dr. Larry Yarrington @ 217-741-9254      www.livinglifeonpurposeinc.com


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