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August 16, 2011
Thank you! You were so generous in talking with me today. I recommend you to anyone I think could benefit from coaching. This time today was really special, and it was surprising. I know you say it isn't counseling, but I have received much less from counseling sessions. - Deborah in Illinois
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January 23, 2007
"I longed for structure in my daily life. My multi-hats that I wear caused me to have much I needed to accomplish, and I was barely able to keep my head above water. Movement forward came for me by being able to put a voice to my inner struggle and having the awareness that something was out of balance in my life...that in caring for everyone else and meeting the demands of my responsibilities, I never allowed myself to decompress. Change came for me in a simple phrase that Jill mentioned during one of our sessions: What will I give myself permission to do today? I took that phrase and made it my own. It challenged my thinking that it was selfish to do something for myself and was freeing to me.
It has been almost 2 years now since my time with Jill. My mental and physical health is stronger, my outlook at the responsibilities that I have in my life has changed from one of frustration to one of joy. One of the things that I have given myself permission to do is share myself with a trusted, close friend. I am learning to relax and to let my guard down. It has been one of the best things I've ever given myself permission to do!" SP, Springfield, IL
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February 21, 2006
I would like to say to anyone that is considering Jill as a life coach, to go for it. It was a definite move forward in my business. She helped me stay focused on what was really important to me. My production increased as well as my profits! She came up with innovative ideas to see where I was spending my time and life changing ideas to make the most of my time. Having her behind me helped me accomplish several goals and even now I can subconsciously hear her motivating me towards success. I believe anyone could benefit from her skills. - P.V. from Chatham
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March 21, 2005
"I just can’t put into words the difference it makes to talk to you compared with anyone else to whom I've poured out my soul. I felt heard and understood. I now have a sense of hope because I have a clearer grasp of what I’m wanting to accomplish".- J. A. in Rochester
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March 21, 2005
"Thanks so much for coming alongside me and helping me work through this very exciting and equally very TERRIFYING time in my life. You have helped me tremendously! Your ideas and insights springboard me into thinking and dreaming bigger and farther than I ever have before! You inspire me and motivate me to believe that I can and WILL accomplish this God-given dream of mine. You have made a huge difference in my life and I can’t wait to see how God will use you to help me along in this incredible journey in the future. What a blessing you are to me.
With heartfelt gratitude" - K.H. in Michigan
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March 21, 2005
"What a God send you are. The title ‘Life Coach’ is so appropriate. You have coached me back to life. Or maybe I should say, back to a life worth living… Just a few months ago I felt helpless and hopeless to come up with solutions. I was wearing myself out with busyness, while the things I valued most were being neglected. No wonder I felt so drained and unfulfilled. Our brainstorming sessions are invaluable. With your coaching, I began to get a vision for what I wanted my life to be. And, with your encouragement and promptings, I’m working towards making that vision a reality. You are always faithful to help me find the resources I need to make educated decisions and to use the tools I need to chip away at any obstacles. You have a gift for knowing if I need to be held accountable, or if I just need mercy. Our discussions always leave me with a renewed sense of purpose and determination". - S.T. in Illinois

  • Do you have a distinct feeling that something is missing in your life?
  • Would you like to have harmony between body, mind, & spirit?
  • Do you have dreams for change but have difficulty getting started?
  • Do you want a confidential, skilled, listener who will care about you and give honest feedback?


My job as your coach…
is to listen intently, without judgment, without preconceived ideas…to listen to your words, your feelings, and ideas.  Listening with discernment, looking for clarity, I’ll begin to tell you about what I see in you – who you are as a person – the talents you have, the challenges you face.  At times, I’ll be like a mirror reflecting things about you and your life that you do not see.  Together, we’ll look upon your future path and discuss your desires, your opportunities, the obstacles and the roadblocks.  A floodlight will be cast on the first few feet of your path, illuminating your next steps… the steps that will take you on a journey to your highest and best.

Coaching closes the gap between where you are and where you where you want to be.

Jill Kennedy-Broughton is a graduate of and certified by the Institute for Life Coach Training.  Her many years in the field of human relationships have uniquely equipped her for life coaching.   Her ability to encourage and produce results has been demonstrated through her 24-yr.-old successful fitness business and other past people-relating experiences around the world. For more about Jill, Click Here.

Jill Kennedy-Broughton
Ph: 217-698-8505


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